IMPD searches for young armed robbery suspects

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Indianapolis Metro Police are investigating an armed robbery involving a suspect who is believed to be around ten years old.

The robbery happened Tuesday night at the Three Fountain West apartment complex on the northwest side.

Simon Kemp and his family were getting out of their van Tuesday night delivering groceries to his mother-in-law. He says that's when a teenager with a shotgun surprised them by poking him in his side.

Kemp had just taken his eight-month-old daughter out of the van.

"The first thing I saw when I turned around was a barrel in my face," Kemp said.

He says the teen threatened to shoot him in the stomach as his ten-year-old accomplice played look-out, telling them to hurry up and hand everything over.

"He was like, 'Give me everything you got - purses, wallets, phones.' He moved to the back of the van and said, 'Play with me if you want and I will put one in your stomach.' I turned around pulled up my shirt saying, 'My wallet is in my back pocket. Take it. I see behind him this little guy and they were running. It blew my mind," said Kemp.

"At this point I was like, I got nothing. I turned my back to him and I was like, my wallet is in here, I opened my pocket up and I was like take it; if you want it, take it and he was like, just hurry up and get it out. At this point the little kid was probably about yea big, I say maybe ten years old,. He was back here behind talking about turning looking this way and everything else, and was like just, hurry up, man, it's taking too long, come on hurry up, hurry up, hurry up," he said.

Kemp is thankful no one in his family, especially his two young children, got hurt in the robbery. But he is disturbed that it was children robbing his family at gunpoint.

He also said the rifle was just inches from his baby daughter's head.

The young robbers got away with the father's empty wallet and his wife's purse and cell phone. The family has since learned the same kids may be responsible for other robberies in the Three Fountains West apartment area.

Simon Kemp's mother-in-law Constance Helms wants parents to step up, especially the mother of the younger boy.

"Wherever his mother is, we have got to do better as parents. We have got to do better," she said. 

She is considering moving from the area because she doesn't want her family and friends to have another run-in with young criminals. Her worst nightmare is that the kids will try to rob someone armed with a gun and get shot themselves.

Helms is not alone wanting parents to be more responsible. Kemp believes it could help reduce the crimes in his mother-in-law's neighborhood.

"The only way to stop it is to know where your kids are," said Kemp, "and know who they are with and what they are doing."

A metro police lieutenant hopes people in the neighborhood will be brave enough to call the Crime Stoppers hotline with clues about the two young suspects. The pair may be connected to as many as four armed robberies similar in nature.

The Crime Stoppers 317-262-TIPS Hotline allows people to call in tips and remain anonymous. If their tip leads to an actual arrest, the caller receives a cash reward.