IMPD releases transcript of Bisard messages before crash


Sandra Chapman/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The officer involved in a deadly crash was messaging on his computer just moments before the crash.

The internal report on the crash concluded that Officer David Bisard recklessly drove his squad car at a high rate of speed on August 6th, weaving in and out of traffic. But he was also typing on his computer.

Inside the 47-page report are words that paint a reckless picture of a veteran police officer who dispatched himself to a back-up warrant call.

While traveling 70 mph with lights and sirens going, Officer David Bisard was joking with a fellow officer on his in car mobile data terminal about fair food. Now for the first time we know what he was typing minutes before the crash.

At 11:11 am, he types, "Ha."

Officer Joe Maxey messaged six minutes later telling Bisard, "Don't show up with ketchup and mustard all over your shirt."

That transmission came as Bisard decided to "roll" to the warrant location. Still he responds.

At 11:18:11 while running hot with lights and sirens, he types, "Why not?"

"It's not tactical," Maxey counters.

Bisard types back, "It smells good."

Then at 11:20:04 he receives his last message from Maxey, "I dare you to show up with a big ass elephant ear."

Just a minute and 38 seconds later at 11:21:42, there was an emergency call to dispatch from K17 - Officer Bisard.

"I need a medic rush to..uh, five six and Bendon Park Way. I've been involved in a PI accident. I've hit a motorcycle...and there's two people down, actually there's three people down."

13 Investigates has also obtained two pager messages between Bisard and one of the department's executive staff who was later demoted for his handling of the crash. Deputy Chief Ron Hicks sent a message to Bisard at just after 9:00 pm the night of the crash saying, "Dave, I hope you are doing OK tonight. If you need anything feel free to call me any time."

At 11:30pm, some 12 hours after the crash, Bisard responds to Hicks saying, "I can't give you a text on the laptop cuz a certain key won't work, but I'm holding up. Thank you for checking."

The internal investigation found that Officer Bisard had a blood alcohol content of .19, something his attorney disputes. However, the investigation revealed that the vials were tested several times and each time yielded the same result.

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