IMPD: Registered sex offender held woman captive for days

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A woman held captive for days inside a house by a registered sex offender got much-needed help from neighbors. The woman says her attacker repeatedly shocked her with a stun gun and even threatened to kill her before she made a break for freedom.

It happened in the 5800 block of East 18th Street. People in the neighborhood thought the man living in the empty house was a legitimate new neighbor and had no idea he had the victim inside against her will.

When neighbors saw Keith Pease, they had no idea they were looking at a registered sex offender reportedly on the run from police. Pease moved into a house on East 18th Street recently. At around 6:30 am Monday, neighbor Dustin Ellison says he woke up to screams outside the door.

"I go answer the door and this lady comes in and she was freaking out, saying he held me captive or a week or so, had a stun gun and wasn't letting her leave," said Ellison.

The woman told Indianapolis Metro Police officers she had been inside the house and held against her will for several days. She also says Keith Pease sexually assaulted her, threatened to kill her and repeatedly shocked her with a stun gun to keep her captive.

The woman broke out a front window and escaped Monday morning, according to police records. Officers who searched the house found the 47-year-old Pease hiding in the crawl space.

Other neighbors like Mike Rairden wished they had paid more attention

"To be honest with you, I hate that. We are law abiding citizens around this neighborhood and we watch out for each other and to find out something like that happened right under our nose is despicable," he said.

Mike Pease is listed in the Marion County Sex Offender Registry. He was convicted of child molestation in 2004 and recently failed to register his address as a sex offender - something Dustin Ellison never suspected during a recent encounter with Pease.

"I have talked to him one time and he just came over for me to charge his phone and that was it," he said. "Seems like a decent enough guy...turns out not so much."

Police have Keith Pease back in custody and facing a long list of charges related to the incident.