IMPD on alleged abduction: No danger to public

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Indianapolis Metro Police detectives who are investigating a teenager's attempted abduction this week on the city's northeast side say they "don't believe this was a random incident nor do they feel there is an existing concern related to the described suspect vehicle."

IMPD says there may not be any further updates regarding the incident.

Detectives have questioned the teenager, an eighth grade male student who attends the Immaculate Heart of Mary School.

The student said three men wearing masks and gloves grabbed him near 57th and Pennsylvania as he was walking to school Tuesday, and forced him into a van. His report prompted a lockdown and extra precautions from the school and parents.

The teen told police he was able to escape, but not before riding around with the suspects in the neighborhood.

"Apparently he was with these suspects in the van from anywhere from like 45 minutes to an hour according to the information he relayed at the scene," said St. Linda Jackson, Indianapolis Metro Police.

School staff say the teen was badly shaken when he finally made it to school and only gave a brief statement to police. They put the entire building on lockdown and called detectives, who spent the day patrolling the area.

"We had a lot of officers in the area in a very short amount of time looking for any suspect vehicle and taking a brief statement from the victim," said St. Jackson.

The school beefed up security for the rest of the week.

Suzy Russell, an Immaculate Heart parent, calls it "scary."

"I think you have to really been on your toes when you watch what's going on, because this has been a safe, kid-friendly neighborhood since we've been here, and that really shocks me," said John Burrell, neighbor.

Parents are taking precautions, picking up their children to make sure they're safe.

"I just kind of wanted to be here to let them know I was concerned too," said Russell.

The school is asking students to walk in groups and stay on main routes.