IMPD officer's records show history of discipline, suspensions


Indianapolis - Metro Police were told this week that one of their own had committed thievery. Officer David Butler has been accused of pulling over drivers, searching their cars and taking their money.

Eyewitness News has obtained a copy of Officer Butler's disciplinary records. They reveal that since joining the force in 1988, Butler has been disciplined nine times and suspended without pay for a total of 78 days. He has been suspended six times in the last five years and has six violations for neglect of duty, including sleeping on the job and repeatedly showing up late for duty.

According to the records, he was suspended without pay for a total of 45 days in 2006 alone. He also has several violations for not improving his behavior and repeatedly not following department policy. Five of his suspension days were the result of disrespectful behavior toward other officers and 30 of them were due to untruthful and late police reports.

In 2009, his record reflects another 30-day suspension and, again, his discipline record shows he was not cooperating or lying during internal police investigations or administrative hearings.

Now, Butler faces four felony charges for robbery and official misconduct.