IMPD officer to be disciplined over Facebook photo

IMPD Officer Andrew Deddish points a gun to the head of Trooper Chris Pestow.
Bob Segall/13 Investigates

Indianapolis - The punishment for an Indianapolis police officer is now in the hands of his superiors. Commanders are deciding what to do after the officer posed for what the department calls a "disturbing" photo.

The picture involves a Metro Police officer holding a gun to the head of another police officer.

Andrew Deddish is the one holding the gun. The other man in the photo is a state police trooper who posted the picture on Facebook, where anyone could see it. Now both officers are facing discipline.

The Metro Police Board of Captains met earlier Thursday to discuss the photograph. 13 Investigates has learned the board has reached a final recommendation about Officer Deddish's punishment and that will be presented to the police chief Friday.

Deddish's commander recommended the officer receive an unpaid suspension. It's expected that could be between two and five days.

The final decision will come from the chief and we'll report that as soon as it becomes available.