IMPD officer tells her Boston Marathon story

IMPD Sgt. Judy Phillips qualified to run in the Boston Marathon in Carmel last year.
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An IMPD officer was one of thousands of runners on the course when explosions halted the Boston Marathon.

Sgt. Judy Phillips wears her Boston Marathon jacket with pride, just like she did a week ago.

"If anyone has run a marathon, the Boston is a dream," Phillips said.

Phillips qualified for the Boston Marathon after running last year's Carmel Marathon. A week ago today, she had just been greeted by family and friends at Mile 21. She was five minutes from the finish line when Boston Police stopped the race.

"My initial thought was, 'That doesn't sound good'," she said. "But based on where I was running, I thought it was major semis going over a major overpass that I was going under."

Phillips became gravely concerned about family and friends, because they planned to meet at the finish line where the explosion happened.

"I saw about 20 Boston Police officers in full uniform spring to where I knew the finish line was and me as a police officer, that is when I knew that this race was over and we were no longer running the Boston Marathon and we had a catastrophe on our hands," Phillips said.

She thought her friends and family would be at the finish line, but didn't have her phone and had no way to communicate with them. She ran to the hotel, got her phone, and called loved ones to say she was okay.

Her family and friends got stuck on the subway because of the explosion, so they never made it to the finish line. Phillips is just now processing what she saw.

"Anyone that's a police officer, you want to be the brave one. Be the one who goes in," she said. "There is that thought that I did go to the finish line. I don't know what I was going to do, because I was trying to find my loved ones, but I did have that sense of 'What can I do?'"

Phillips and thousands of other runners are waiting to hear if they will get a complimentary entry in next year's Boston Marathon.