IMPD officer resigns after second DUI arrest

An Indianapolis Metro Police officer has resigned after being arrested for driving under the influence this week.

It's the second arrest in about a year for IMPD Officer Kevin Brown, who faces a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. He also faces a charge of OWI with a prior conviction.

Officer Brown was given a second chance and apparently squandered it. He's charged with drunk driving a second time. Brown was convicted of operating while intoxicated two months ago for the incident in August 2013. He served a 30-day, no-pay suspension. He was on probation when he was arrested Monday morning.

This time, "the chief will most likely recommend termination for this officer," said Valerie Washington, Deputy Public Safety Director, speaking before Brown's resignation.

Brown was arrested Monday morning near his home in Morgan County. He was in his patrol car but off-duty. He was pulled over by a Morgan County Sheriff's deputy and ultimately arrested by IMPD's Special Investigations Unit.

Arresting officers say Brown admitted to drinking more than three quarts of beer Sunday night at home and a restaurant.

According to court documents, Brown got hungry, got up and got in his police car and came to the Camby White Castle. While in the drive-through he saw friends and turned on the car's public address speakers and flashing lights.

The unusual behavior got the attention of a bystander who called 911. Brown had a BAC of .099.

"This police officer has been on the police department for at least 15 years. We have an investment in this police officer. We hate to see a career thrown away like that," said Washington.

Brown is among five officers on the force in trouble for alcohol offenses. Officer Bryan Neal is accused of coming to work drunk. Chief Rick Hite is likely to recommend his termination, as well as disciplinary action against Captain Mark Rice. He was off-duty in his patrol car when arrested for drunk driving.

"We can't tolerate that kind of behavior in our police department," said Washington.

Officer Kevin Brown

Brown is a 16-year veteran of IMPD. He is currently suspended without pay pending the outcome of an internal IMPD investigation.

"We are disappointed by the choices Officer Brown has made. We hold our officers to high standards and consider Officer Brown's actions inconsistent with the mission and values of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and the great work that our men and women do on a daily basis," said Assistant Chief Ron Hicks.