IMPD officer indictment could affect criminal cases

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The fallout continues for an Indianapolis Metro Police officer arrested for allegedly mishandling evidence after placing people under arrest.

Prosecutors are digging through cases involving Officer Cory Owensby to find out if the people he arrested got fair treatment in court. Owensby is suspended without pay pending a police merit board hearing. IMPD Chief Rick Hite will recommend termination after a grand jury indicted Owensby on 13 counts.

Read the charges here.

A woman Owensby arrested also would like to see him fired from the force. Owensby reportedly never turned in evidence from that arrest.

Amber Evans told Eyewitness News that she knew all along there were questions about Owensby turning in evidence found in her purse during the arrest.

"He took my purse, took my phone from me because I was talking on it and put me up against the wall and searched my purse. I had some pills on me," said Evans.

On May 5th, 2013, police records show Owensby responded to a theft report at a Dollar General store on South Keystone Avenue. He arrested Amber's father Michael Evans for theft.

Amber Evans says after finding pills in her purse, Owensby arrested her for possession of a controlled substance. The pills were supposed to be logged in as evidence at the IMPD Property Room, but never made it, according to investigators.

"I am going to call my lawyer and ask her what's next; if anything can be done. I gave up a lot of rights when I signed a plea bargain," said Evans.

That's just one of the cases that led to 13 grand jury indictments on Officer Owensby.

On October 7th, 2012, Owensby arrested Thomas Collins for domestic battery and intimidating a woman with a steel axe. Owensby reportedly confiscated the steel axe and wrote in his police report he would be taking it to the property room, but investigators say that never happened.

On January 1st, 2013, Owensby arrested Joseph Lawson for possession of marijuana. Those drugs, according to investigators, disappeared too.

On March 30th, 2013, Owensby arrested Kimberly Hagan for allegedly hitting a woman with a hammer during a fight over marijuana. His indictments show those drugs also went missing.