IMPD officer cleared

Officer Candi Perry

Indianapolis - A former IMPD Officer of the Year will not face criminal charges. The Marion County prosecutor says new evidence was discovered that wasn't presented to the grand jury. Now Officer Candi Perry says she wants her job back.

"Most of the community believed from the very beginning that there was something that wasn't quite right," said Perry.

Candi Perry always insisted she did nothing wrong. However, a grand jury believed otherwise and Indicted the 2007 Officer of the Year for official misconduct and false reporting. In October, Perry told Eyewitness News her own department believed she was protecting an informant in a homicide investigation.

"They immediately shut me in a room, and for the next ten hours, they interrogated me constantly, asking me if I was sleeping with the suspect, or the witness or the informant," she said.

"The belief that she was somehow defending suspects was just not true. She did not know the suspects," said Robert Turner, attorney.

Perry was arrested and spent time in jail.

"I never ever would have believed in a million lifetimes that I'd be able to fully relate to what it feels like to be looked like as a criminal," she said. "The hardest thing was knowing all my life - in every job since I was 15 - I've never even been verbally reprimanded."

"Since new evidence has emerged in the Officer Perry case since the grand jury indictment, charges are being dropped. IMPD has agreed to handle the case administratively," said Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi in a statement issued Wednesday.

Perry, a Spanish language liaison for the Northwest District, says all she wanted was justice, and her job back.

"I've told the truth, I've done what I believed was the best and the right thing. And so, hopefully, I'll be back in the community , I'll be back able to make a difference as I was before," she said.

IMPD Chief Mike Spears issued the following statement Wednesday:

"Officer Perry is still suspended for violations of Departmental rules and regulations. Officer Perry was initially suspended indefinitely because she had been charged with a felony. Now that criminal charges have been dismissed, her status will be reevaluated. I anticipate this review will be completed before the end of next week."

Case background

An informant tipped Officer Perry on the murder of Herman Clark. Police found him shot to death June 25 in the 3100 block of Rader Street. Perry helped detectives arrest Dontae Davis for the murder.

But Perry says other officers questioned her about the informant.

"'Where does he live?' I don't know. 'What is his address?' I don't know. 'What is his phone number?'" said Perry, explaining the questions she was asked.

Perry says the unanswered questions eventually led to her indictment and arrest after a ten-hour interrogation.

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