IMPD officer charged after crashing police cruiser

Officer David Dinsmore
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Indianapolis - Officer David Dinsmore was formally charged with two misdemeanors Monday.

Dinsmore was freed on bond last Wednesday after he was arrested for driving under the influence.

Officer Dinsmore was off duty when he ran into a mailbox on Edgewood Avenue on the far southeast side Tuesday night. He told police he ran off the road while trying to avoid a dump truck.

He passed the alcohol test but officers though he looked impaired and put him through field tests.

Dinsmore told police he took at least two OxyContin tablets shortly before the accident. He has used the strong pain medicine for about four years for back pain. It's unknown if he used the potent pain medicine while on duty.

Police were suspicious when they first reached the accident scene.

"When officers arrived he was apparently in the car asleep, Which drew their attention. They had him get out of the car and started talking to him. He appeared to be impaired," said Lt. Jeff Duhamell, IMPD.

Officers noticed that Dinsmore's speech was slow and slurred and that his eyelids were drooping.

Officers called in a member of the DUI task force unit, who asked Dinsmore if he was on any medication. He said he'd been to the doctor that afternoon and had a prescription for 60 OxyContin pills. OxyContin is a powerful pain killer that comes with several warnings, including one not to operate heavy machinery. Dinsmore said he'd taken one pill.

Police say Dinsmore had the bottle of pills stuffed into his pants. Police counted 55 pills. Dinsmore reached into his pocket and produced two more pills to make it 57. Dinsmore then admitted to taking two pills. He could not account for the third missing pill.

Dinsmore performed poorly on several field sobriety tests and submitted to a blood draw. The blood draw was conducted at Wishard Hospital by a nurse.

Police confiscated the OxyContin and arrested Dinsmore on a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Police also said Dinsmore appeared to have trouble staying awake while he was being transported to the hospital for a blood test.

Shortly before the accident and not far away, a motorist spotted a fully market IMPD car swerving and driving recklessly on I-465. Police want to know if it's the same car officer Dinsmore was driving.

Dinsmore is on administrative leave. An Eyewitness News investigation revealed that Dinsmore has a history of crashes.

Read the full police report here.