IMPD officer captures Ofc. Renn's funeral with dramatic drone video

A drone captured Ofc. Perry Renn's casket as it was carried into Crown Hill Cemetery by a horse-drawn caisson.

An IMPD officer captured a fellow officer's funeral with dramatic video filmed from a drone.

The video, produced by IMPD K-9 Officer Ron Shellnut, opens with an approach to downtown from the south, before showing Officer Perry Renn's casket as it made its way out of Bankers Life Fieldhouse following Friday's service.

The camera follows the long line of IMPD patrol cars up Delaware Street, then cuts to the scene at IMPD's North District headquarters where Ofc. Renn's final 10-42 call was read.

After that, the video captures several moments of the fallen officer's graveside service at Crown Hill Cemetery, closing with a slow flight over the "Heroes of Public Safety" memorial and a quiet, empty cemetery, fading to black as the Indianapolis skyline comes into view.

The video, which is accompanied musically by Trevor Rabin's "The Guardian Suite," was uploaded Saturday afternoon. It is one of a handful of videos shared by "RS Aerial Media" on the video storage website Vimeo.

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