IMPD Officer Bradway death: Timeline

The crime scene was cleared Friday afternoon.

The following is a timeline of events leading up to the shooting death of Officer Rod Bradway on Sept. 20, 2013.

Officer Bradway arrived to investigate a reported disturbance at 6720 Eagle Pointe Drive at around 1:50 am Friday. When he heard a woman screaming for help inside the apartment, he forced entry to the apartment to the help the victim.

The suspect, 24-year-old Steven Byrdo, was waiting behind the apartment door and as Officer Bradway entered the apartment, the suspect shot Officer Bradway, inflicting a mortal wound. Officer Bradway returned fire, striking the suspect, before he fell to the ground.

A second officer was arriving at the scene as the events were unfolding. When the suspect turned towards the second officer, the officer shot and killed the suspect.

The suspect had been holding a woman and her infant hostage in the hours preceding this incident. The suspect has also fired his weapon at her before IMPD arrived on the scene.

IMPD Chief Rick Hite stated, "We are very proud of Officer Bradway, he did the job that he was trained to do." said IMPD Chief Rick Hite, "We believe that he saved lives by his actions this morning."

The IMPD is humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support and prayers for our officers from the community. And as a result of the overwhelming support and the expressed desire to help Officer Bradway's family, there has been a fund established for them at the Professional Police Officers Credit Union located at 1502 E. Washington Street in Indianapolis, IN tx 317-327-2600.