IMPD Officer Bisard maintains innocence in email to colleagues

David Bisard

Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Suspended Indianapolis Metro Officer David Bisard isn't happy with some of his fellow officers these days. He reportedly sent out a text message about their lack of support following his arrest for a fatal crash.

Suspended Metro K-9 Officer Bisard reportedly lashed out at fellow officers. Channel 13 obtained a copy of a text message several officers say they got from Bisard.

The text message starts out reading, "I am so displeased with the K9 unit save for 2 people...U guys don't believe in me at all...I am innocent & U all have let outside people influence ur opinions of me...I haven't heard from any of you except for the 2."

Bisard probably hasn't heard from fellow officers since August 6th. That's the day prosecutors say he crashed his cruiser into two motorcycles stopped at East 56th Street near I-465. The crash killed biker Eric Wells and injured two others.

Bisard's blood alcohol level measured more than twice the legal limit at .19, according to the crime lab. But prosecutors dismissed DUI dharges due to improper blood draw procedures.

In the same text message, Bisard went on to scorn fellow officers, writing, "I sent this to you because I had a lot of respect for you before all of this and I don't care if you spread it around the unit but you had better relay my innocence because that is what i am INNOCENT"

No one answered door at Bisard's home when we tried to talk to him about the text messages.

Although he and attorney John Kautzman have already attended several hearings, until now, Bisard has stayed quiet.

Right now it's unclear exactly how many officers got Bisard's text message.

Metro Police Chief Paul Ciesielski has recommended termination for Bisard to the merit board. Bisard's next time in court is scheduled for October 29th for a pretrial conference.

The case prompted a shake-up at IMPD and forced the city to review procedures when officers are involved in crashes.

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