IMPD Officer Allen Johnson arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence

IMPD Officer Allen Johnson
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For the seventh time in the past year, Indianapolis Metro Police are dealing with the arrest of one of their own.

Officer Allen Johnson was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence last night in Fishers. He was off-duty and driving his personally owned vehicle.

It's Johnson's second arrest for DUI. He also had an arrest in November 2012.

Johnson was transported to the Hamilton County Jail, where he participated in a bond hearing Friday evening.

IMPD is conducting an Internal Affairs investigation into this incident. Johnson, a five-year veteran with IMPD, is currently suspended without pay pending the results of that investigation.

"We're extremely disappointed. This is not the behavior acceptable in our police department and we expect our people to make better decisions. They're paid to make better decisions and to have this happen again is extremely disappointing, not only to the citizens of Indianapolis and Marion County, but to our police department and our officers who go out there each and every day and make the right decisions and do the right thing," said Lt. Chris Bailey, IMPD.

IMPD's Assistant Chief Lloyd Crowe added, "We expect our officers to have better decision making skills both on-duty and off-duty. We will continue to ensure our officers have the resources available to address stress related issues that come with a career in law enforcement, but we will not accept behavior that puts our community at risk."

Johnson is just one of more than a half-dozen IMPD officers arrested in the past year for suspected DUI or OWI.

Police arrested Kevin Brown last month. It was his second alcohol related arrest in the past year. Brown has since quit the force.

Captain Mark Rice was off duty and in his personal car when officers stopped him in June. Also in June, police arrested Officer Bryan Neal when he smelled of alcohol at the start of his shift.

Officer Edward Zehner was twice the legal limit when New Palestine police pulled him over in May.

Last August, police took K-9 Officer Ron Santa into custody after getting 911 reports about his erratic driving.

Also in August of last year, police in Johnson County stopped Sgt. Gregory Scott for speeding.