IMPD names teen arrested in downtown canal shootings

Five teenagers were shot downtown last Saturday night.
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Indianapolis Metro Police announced an arrest Thursday in the downtown canal shootings that injured five people, and on Friday, they named their suspect.

Dai-twon Williams, 16, faces five counts of attempted murder, a Class A felony, as well as a count of carrying a handgun without a license, a Class A misdemeanor, along with a criminal gang enhancement.

Williams will be tried as an adult. If convicted, he could be middle-aged when he gets out of prison.

Five teenagers were shot Saturday night, including a 14-year-old boy who was shot in the chest. He was the most seriously injured.

Earlier this week, Metro Police promised they would assign more officers to patrol downtown this weekend. Thursday night, investigators announced an arrest.

Prosecutors say Williams, whose nickname is "Twon," is a member of the Dough Boyz gang and that the shootings were in connection with his gang affiliation.

Witnesses and victims of the shootings police say immediately identified Dai-twon Williams as a suspect.

Early Sunday morning as detectives walked up to his north side Indianapolis home, they claim they heard the 16-year-old in the garage bragging to friends about the shooting.

Major Greg Bieberich with IMPD Investigations said on early Sunday, they approached Williams' home and heard a conversation through the garage door in which they believe Williams discussed shooting others on the canal, saying, "I had my aim up on him and I started bustin' and I saw a dude drop." (Bustin' is slang for shooting.)

"He was described as saying, 'I took up aim on him and started bustin' and then I saw the dude drop,'" said .

The head of IMPD investigations says detectives kept gathering evidence. Thursday night, heavily armed officers arrested Williams, who is denying any involvement

"He gave a statement initially. He said he was not there," said Major Bieberich.

A woman at the home politely refused to talk.

Court records allege Williams was aiming at one of the five wounded teenagers. The attack appears to be gang related and the result of threats made on Facebook.

Chief Paul Ciesielski says the investigation far from over.

"If in fact this is a legitimate gang or if they are involved in any type of criminal activity, what can we do to shut them down right now," said the chief.

This weekend, downtown is expected to be crammed with tens of thousands of visitors attending the state high school basketball championships and a volleyball tournament.

In addition to extra police, dozens of volunteers from the church based Ten Point Coalition will again be in the crowds attempting to convince teenagers to stay out of trouble.

"They are really able to talk with these kids on their level and do it in such a way the command respect from the kids. It works," said Rev. Charles Harrison, Ten Point Coalition.

Rev. Harrison says he's been surprised by the number of people willing to help steer teenagers in the right direction. He's had to limit the number of volunteers working downtown.

Investigators are withholding pictures of Dai-twon Williams because of the continuing investigation.

The 16-year-old is expected in Criminal Court Monday morning for his initial hearing on the charges.