IMPD investigates residential robbery on Indianapolis northwest side

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Metro Police detectives are investigating a residential robbery in the Annaberry Park Apartments in the 8100 block of Century Circle Drive, which is located off Harcourt Road on the northwest side.

Police say four victims were held at gunpoint, tied up and pistol-whipped by four men wearing Halloween masks.  The victims told police the men knocked on their door, then forced their way inside. Their injuries are not considered life-threatening.

The intruders were tall and armed with knives, and one had a silver revolver.

The four intruders bound the four residents and the man with the gun hit them on the head, demanding to know "where the money was."

One of the intruders took cash totaling $1,360 from the victims. They also took two laptops, a Galaxy tablet, two TV sets, four cell phones and the victims' wallets.

Three of the victims had lacerations to the head while the fourth had contusions. All four were checked out by a medic at the scene but refused to go to the hospital.

The only description of the suspects is that they were African-American; three of them were 5'8" to 5'10" and one was 6'0" to 6'4".

It's a scenario neighbor Antonio Burks knows all too well.

"I was robbed back in March. They forced their way in then," he said.

This kind of crime is a familiar one to the city's police department as well, which just in the past two weeks alone has investigated at least ten home invasions.