IMPD investigates rash of apartment break-ins

Twenty apartment break-ins have occurred in a period of two weeks, all in the same part of town.
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Twenty apartment break-ins have occurred in a period of two weeks, all in the same part of town. Police are focusing on several apartment complexes on the city's northwest side just west of I-465.

"Trying to sleep and you're just laying there and you hear a noise and you get up and look because you don't know if it's someone again," said Dan, a burglary victim.

That's been Dan's personal nightmare since his apartment was broken into a few days ago. Because of his fear the thieves may return, he didn't want to share his identity, only his story.

"Two people had forced their way in and all of our items and belongs were gone in 15 minutes," he said.

According to Indianapolis Metro Police, Dan's apartment was one of 20 or more hit in the last two weeks in a small area on the city's northwest side. Police say the they believe the same two or three people are responsible, hitting every few days targeting a handful of large apartment complexes within a couple miles of each other.

The pattern is the same: a knock at the door before prying it open and forcing their way in to steal everything from laptop computers and small electronics to jewelry, and in some cases, keepsake items. One resident reported two treasured class rings gone.

In one case, that knock at the door was met by a response from the other side and that potential victim got some very important information that police can use.

"We had a security system put in instantly. ADT was kind enough to come out quickly the same day almost," said Dan.

Dan has also taken to his computer to track the crime. Within a mile of his apartment, he's found more than 60 break-ins, stolen vehicles, vandalism and the list goes on.

Police believe they have some leads in the case, but if you have any information that you think could help, certainly call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.