IMPD investigates one-year-old girl's beating death

Aubrie Strode-Dunn's short life ended inside her parent's apartment on Marion Avenue.
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Investigators and neighbors are raising questions about the death of a one-year-old Indianapolis girl.

Aubrie Strode-Dunn's death was no accident. The coroner says one-year-old Aubrie died from multiple blunt force trauma. The coroner is conducting even more examinations on the girl's body to help explain her death. Meanwhile, Metro homicide investigators are looking into the case.

Aubrie Strode-Dunn's short life ended inside her parent's apartment on Marion Avenue. The young girl was beaten to death.

Paula White lives in the adjacent apartment.

"The day that she died I didn't hear anything unusual than any other day. I could always hear the kids running in the house. I didn't hear any screaming," said White.

On May 4th, White says she saw the little girl's body covered with a sheet on the living room floor. She says she overheard Indianapolis Metro Police detectives questioning Aubrie's mother and the mother's boyfriend, but they didn't make any arrests that night.

The Marion County coroner now says someone killed Aubrie. The cause of her death is listed as "blunt force trauma."

Neighbors like Leighann Swimm, a mother herself, says they watched as paramedics carried Aubrie's lifeless body from the apartment.

"They came with the baby dead on arrival so when they came out with a sheet over her it was completely sad, heartbreaking," said Swimm.

Now as detectives search for answers, neighbors are talking about what they saw leading up to that night, including telltale signs of abuse.

"The first time I met her she did have a lot of bruising on her face," said White.

White says now Aubrie's shoes left on their front porch serves as a reminder of her young life cut short far too soon.

It will take about eight weeks for forensics results to be processed. In the meantime, homicide detectives will try to learn more about Aubrie's fatal injuries by interviewing the girl's mother and boyfriend.

"It just breaks my heart thinking how can somebody to that to a child because I have kids and I could never lay a hand on them," said Swimm.