IMPD identifies couple shot to death on Indianapolis near west side


Two families are grieving after a deadly double shooting Wednesday night. They're also hoping for justice.

Katrina White and Dayeon Johnson, both 20 years old, were killed when someone opened fire on their car on the Indianapolis west side at around 8:00 pm Wednesday. They were parked in front of White's home on W. 18th Street when the shooting occurred.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. More than 15 shell casings were located on the ground near the car.

Indianapolis Metro Police have put out a call to the public asking for help bringing the shooter to justice. In the meantime, the victims' families are dealing with an unthinkable loss.

"Oh my Day-Day, my Day-Day. That's my baby y'all, my Day-Day," Lakia Johnson cried, grieving for her son Dayeon Johnson.

Very few things run deeper than a mother's pain from the loss of her child. Lakia Johnson wants nothing more than to know why and who shot and killed her son.

"He was a good boy. I raised him right. You understand? I raised him right and I stayed on him to be right. This right here; it ain't going to come to no good," said Johnson.

Johnson's family says he was looking forward to starting college so he could take better care of his young son.

"He cared about that baby. He cared about that little boy. He ain't but two but we will still take care of that baby," said Brenda Johnson, Dayeon's grandmother.

"All he wanted to do is take care of his son and go to college, and have a good-paying job," said Lakia Johnson.

As police work on leads and a motive for the shooting, his mother is not giving up on those responsible for her son's death being brought to justice.

"I know justice is going to be served because he was a good kid. He didn't deserve what got done to him. He didn't deserve that," she said.

Wednesday night, community leaders with the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition went to the scene of the crime to show their support for the families.

"I'm so tired of coming to this and seeing this kind of scene and seeing this kind of carnage, so it's pretty emotional tonight," said Rev. Charles Harrison, Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition.

The Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition, an immediate presence at every homicide, tried to comfort the victim's mother and grandfather.

"The young man just left his house not long ago and now he has to come to a scene like this and see his grandson killed. You know, it's hard," Harrison said.

There are no witnesses or a suspect description at this time. 

"I've been to a lot of these, but I'm really troubled by this one tonight," Harrison said. "They're my children's age and I don't know what I'd feel or what I'd do if I was a parent and had to come to this kind of scene, so that's what really bothers me, 'cause I feel like a parent tonight."

Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to call IMPD Homicide at 327-3475 or Crime Stoppers of Indiana at 262-TIPS.