IMPD cracking down on violent crime

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A new crackdown on crime may by IMPD have resulted in quick arrests in a motel homicide over the weekend.

Police say they are "drawing the line" on violent crime in the city.


There is a new 'push for peace' and efforts to stop the wave of violence that's been a problem in Indianapolis since the new year began.  It starts at the top with IMPD, but certainly doesn't end there.

In Saturday's motel shooting, a man from Terre Haute was shot inside a west side motel.  He died Sunday morning.  Police say he and the two suspects planned a meeting at the hotel to buy and sell drugs.
This crime happened just as police launched the new crime fighting initiative that implements new and aggressive tactics.   
IMPD says that in many cases, these crimes are not random. "These individuals have common connections," according to Officer Chris Wilburn of IMPD. "They decided to do transactions in Indy, they plan outside we can't control that. But these are not random acts."

That new crime fighting initiative utilizes reserve officers to beef up patrols.  It puts regular officers in areas known for trouble.  Traffic stops also help police lead to arrests for other crimes.