IMPD arrests police impersonator during fallen officer's memorial

Photo: IMPD

As thousands of police officers gathered to honor fallen IMPD Officer Rod Bradway, they arrested a man who was doing something unusual - impersonating a public servant.

Minh Nguyen, 38, of Indianapolis, was spotted in a police uniform and arrested at Northwest District Headquarters, near the memorial of Bradway's police cruiser.

The arrest took place before Bradway's casket arrived in his funeral procession.

A subsequent search of Nguyen's home in the 8800 block of Trumpeter Court turned up evidence that resulted in felony theft/receiving stolen property charges, in addition to the felony charges of impersonating a public servant.

It was not the first time officers were at Nguyen's home. In July 2012, he came under investigation after a former neighbor called police about a camera hidden in a smoke detector in their bedroom. The neighbor told investigators the camera sent images to a TV in Nguyen's bedroom next door.

Richard and Patricia Reynolds watched Bradway's funeral on television.

" was. It was beautiful, heart-wrenching," the couple said.

They visited Bradway's grave site Friday morning. They are appalled anyone would imitate what police officers do.

"Especially on that day, for somebody who gave his life. It's just very disrespectful. Very disrespectful to the family and that's just not right," they said.

Nguyen came under investigation on similar allegations in 2004 after complaints from drivers being pulled over by a car flashing lights. He never faced charges in the previous investigations.

Nguyen is due in court the morning of October 2.