IMPD arrests man for bringing gun on school property during video shoot

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Schools are closed on the weekend, but that won't keep a man accused of bringing a gun on school property from going to jail.

Indianapolis Metro Police gang officers arrested the man during a video shoot at John Marshall High School Sunday afternoon.

YouTube video from the same group IMPD says set up the video shoot made them suspect there might be guns involved. They were right.

The gang unit arrested 23-year-old Ezell Triplet Sunday for having his gun on school property.

Reverend Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition says choosing the location at John Marshall was no coincidence.

"They are claiming this area and this school. They are trying to send a message to other rival groups that may be in this area and certain other groups in this city," said Rev. Harrison.

"We caught people with guns, dope and drugs," said IMPD Lt. Chris Bailey, who worked gang investigations for several years.

What worries police about the homemade videos is the dangerous mix of guns, gang signs and lots of cash. Many of the videos also prominently feature small children.

"There are kids as young as three years old in these videos where people have weapons, drugs, lots of cash. That's all an element for trouble," said Lt. Bailey.

During Sunday's video shoot at he school, police also confiscated a second gun along with the video itself, which IMPD plans to go through looking for any more crimes.

"We cannot allow for these types of messages to go out because all it does is lead to more violence," said Rev. Harrison.

Gang unit officers will go through the video confiscated at John Marshall Sunday afternoon to look for any criminal activity. They have not ruled out more arrests in this case.