IMPD approves new contract with city


Indianapolis Metro Police officers have approved a new three-year contract with the City of Indianapolis.

The FOP says 82 percent of officers voted in favor of the contract, which includes a three-percent raise that would kick in after six months. This is the second year IMPD is being asked to take less than contractually obligated because of budget issues.

Officers also accepted across the board pay increases in 2015 and 2016. The FOP says those raises "will result in an overall average increase of over six percent for the three-year term."

The City-County Council approved a deal last year to add 80 new officers to the force, but FOP Vice President Rick Snyder told Eyewitness News last October that while 80 new officers is a start, the force will still be hundreds short and those officers are being asked to do more.

"This has been a deliberate process which has allowed our police officers, elected officials and our citizens to balance the need for proper staffing within our police department while also retaining a quality workforce of highly skilled police officers," FOP President Bill Owensby said in a release. "From the beginning, the FOP has made clear our primary concern has revolved around the safety of our community and our police officers as it relates to the current understaffing of the IMPD. Our membership worked with the Department of Public Safety to identify multiple efficiencies and cost savings so that more officers can be hired in 2014 and beyond. We appreciate our working partnership with Director of Public Safety Troy Riggs, Chief of Police Rick Hite and all others within the City Administration."