IMPD adds patrols to stop the violence

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IMPD is launching a new crime-fighting initiative.

Metro police implemented new aggressive tactics this weekend to stop the violence and keep our streets safe.

Roll Call for IMPD's east district officers starts with a thank you from some of the school children whose neighborhoods they patrol.

These children live on a side of town known for its violent crime.

Saturday marked the start of an effort to stave off the recent wave of violence by using reserve officers to beef up patrols.

Lieutenant Tom Black, IMPD, said, "It's going to give us the opportunity to not have to take or be responsible for radio runs."

This will allow east district's regular officers, like Lt. Tom Black, to hone in on hot spots known for trouble - like area business that have been recent targets.

"Those guys are going to be keeping an eye on the businesses that typically get robbed out here." Added Black.

Then there's the traffic stops.

"Driver's license and registration, please." Black says to a driver he just pulled over.

Last year IMPD found one in ten traffic stops in a trouble zone led to arrests.

Black says, "There's a lot of good things to be netted from a traffic stop, whether it be a warrant or getting an illegal gun off the street or… a lot of time some sort of narcotic."

Tonight though, on this stop, it's just a broken headlight.

"You only had one headlight. Were you aware of that?" Black asks the driver.

Before long, there's a woman hit by a car, while crossing the street at 10th and Gladstone.

"What do we got? "

"Person struck."

Her injuries are serious.

The night's not finished though and neither is the potential for crime. It's always there, no matter how many arrests are made.

"There's always somebody willing to step up and fill their shoes." Black comments.

While this weekend's focus is on the east side, IMPD says the saturation patrols will move to other parts of the city in coming weeks.