IHSAA will investigate on field fight at Tech-FW South football game

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The Indiana High School Athletic Association will be investigating the on field altercation that happened during Friday nights' Tech - Fort Wayne South Side football game. 

Chris Kaufman from the IHSAA told Eyewitness News reporter Mary Milz on Saturday, "We are going to meet with the schools and review it. It's something we are all concerned about. Obviously we expect good sportsmanship and exemplary behavior . . . There are a myriad of things that could come out of this including suspensions and it could affect the playoffs to come."

A statement released early Saturday morning by Indianapolis Public Schools stated, "No arrests were made and no injuries occurred as a result of the incident during Friday night's football game between Tech and Fort Wayne South Side High School."

Fort Wayne Central Schools spokesperson Krista Stockman released this statement Saturday morning, "This is clearly an unfortunate situation we are waiting to see the results of the investigation. We're going to conduct our own internal investigation to see what if any involvement our players or fans had in this incident."  

Online reports say the game between Arsenal Tech and Fort Wayne South at Tech was stopped in the third quarter due to a fight. Fans at the game reported on Twitter that the fight started with a hit near the sidelines, then escalated from there.

Metro Police responded to a report of fans fighting on the field. An IPS spokesman says there were no injuries or arrests in the incident.

"At one point, the PA announcer was trying to tell everybody to stay in the stands, but fans were running out, too. Not really sure how many people were involved, but it ended up being a huge brawl out on the field," said Indianapolis Star reporter Michael Boren. "Luckily, there were no arrests or no serious injuries."

Tech was leading the game 24-6 when it was halted.

IPS officials tell Eyewitness News they are reviewing the incident.