IFD rescues dog from middle island on White River

IFD photo
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Firefighters rescued a dog who was stuck in the middle of the White River Sunday evening.

George Adams, his 15-year-old son and their dog, "Adam" often walk the banks of the river. He said it's not unusual for Adam to take a little dip. Around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, though, the dog swam to the middle island under a bridge - 50 feet from shore - and couldn't get back.

After an hour and a half of trying to coax the dog back themselves, Adams and his son finally called firefighters to help. Utilizing various methods of coaxing, the owner, firefighters and ACC used a stuffed teddy bear, animal treats and plain old fashioned encouragement to get him to swim back, but none of it worked. Tactical Team 14 finally deployed the rescue boat from Lake Indy ramp at 30th and Riverside and had the dog out of the water a little after 6:30.