IDHS prepares for wind, rain and lightning tonight

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The Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security says it is prepared for Thursday's expected severe weather.  You, too, should be taking precautions today to stay ahead of the storm.

Taking a few minutes this morning before you go to work to sweep leaves away from drains could go a long way to preventing flooding in your neighborhood.

The city asks you to take a look around the sidewalks outside your home and make sure there is a clear path for the rain water to flow.

You also may want to check your gutters to prevent water buildup and possibly damage to your home.

It's not just leaves, but the trees themselves that could potentially be dangerous, according to Homeland Security's Gary Coons.

"We did have a dry spot during end of summer," Coons explained. "So trees are still dry in some parts and they could break pretty easily with high winds."

Coons advises during storms to watch trees in yards, and avoid being around big trees if you're in a storm because, "You never know what could happen."

The Department of Homeland Security is working closely with the National Weather Service to keep and eye on changing conditions. They say their biggest concern is lightning.

Most communities have already adjusted trick or treat times as a result, but there are also school activities that Homeland Security is closely watching.

"We know it's sectional and regional time. It's football and they're out practicing, making sure they take every precaution they can to keep kids safe," Coons says. "What we tell a school is if you see lightning, you're already behind the eight ball. You need to be getting kids in and into a secure area where they are out of the potential for harm."