Iceland warns of possible volcanic eruption

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An active volcano in Iceland is still posing a threat to the island nation, and late Thursday night, scientists detected the strongest earthquake yet in the area.

The intense seismic activity could be a sign that an eruption is imminent. Scientists in Iceland say if it happens, the impact could come quickly.

If the volcano erupts and magma starts flowing toward the surface, it could trigger a glacial flood that could knock out power lines. As a result, the national power grid is making preparations for bringing the power back.

Residents of the area north of the volcano are still under an evacuation order as scientists monitor the potential threat.

Airlines were warned on Monday about the increased activity of Iceland's largest volcanic system.

About 1,000 earthquakes were detected on Wednesday, the highest measuring around magnitude 3.0.

The last eruption in Iceland happened in 2010, forcing Europe to shut down airspace for six days.

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