Ice owners step up after charity shot ruled illegal

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Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Even if you don't like hockey, you have to agree it's an incredible shot. A fan in the stands was invited onto the ice, where he made a shot from 175 feet away.

73-year-old Dick Marsh loves hockey, and has played most of his life. He still plays left wing as part of Eli Lilly's intramural team. When he was chosen to take an unlikely-sounding $50,000 shot at an Indiana Ice game Saturday, he scored - much to the delight of the crowd.

"I just saw it going there hoping it would get to the other end. I think I reacted more to the crowd - 4,500 people - than I did to the shot going through the board. You would've thought the Indiana Ice won the Stanley Cup," he said.

"We were shocked. We just kind of looked at one another and didn't say anything for a few seconds. It went in!" said Marcia Marsh, Dick's wife.

Marsh managed to hit a three-inch-diameter puck 175 feet into a target just over three inches wide. But the insurance company underwriting the promotion claims that Marsh took his shot past the designated starting line and disqualified him.

"It would be like a hole in one and they'd say, 'You should've used a wood instead of an iron,'" Marsh chuckled.

Even worse, Marsh told club officials that if he made the shot, he'd donate the money to two charities after his successful bypass surgery.

The team's owner calls the disqualification an innocent mistake on everyone's part, adding that he'll make a donation to St. Vincent's heart unit and to the American Heart Association.

"We're a non-profit organization that's totally reliant on donations and so we're grateful...any donation from their organization is appreciated," said Susan Holmes, American Heart Association.

Dick Marsh is happy with the outcome even if he was disqualified. It's a shot that no one can take away.

The Ice issued this statement:

The Indiana Ice issues the following statement regarding the $50,000 Allstate Good Hands Shootout that was held during the first intermission of the Indiana Ice game this past Saturday. Allstate was only the event sponsor of the promotion.

The promotion was for one contestant to take a shot from behind the red end line and try to put the puck through a hole in the net board on the opposite red line. The contestant was notified several times with respect to the terms of the contest by the Ice game operations staff.

Despite the outcome of the shot, the Indiana Ice will be making a monetary donation to St. Vincent Cardiovascular Services and the American Heart Association on behalf of the contestant. In addition to our gift, the Indiana Ice plan on including both of these charities in several future team related fundraisers.