Ice and snow greet students at bus stops

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Some students head back to school today after Christmas break. And with the snow and ice covering sidewalks and bus stops, extra care should be taken to keep children safe.

IPS students head back to school Monday, as do many other school systems. And there are still a lot of problem areas where sidewalks haven't been cleared. We've had a lot of snow, so it's hard to find a place to put it, and with these single-digit temperatures in the morning, schools remind you to make sure your child is ready.

"Make sure they stay far enough away from the street," said IPS spokesman John Althard. "
We don't want anybody slipping on ice or snow, either with an automobile, or certainly when the children are getting on and off the bus."

As for the schools themselves, if the temperature dips below 32 degrees, IPS won't send the kids out of the building for recess.

In Center Grove, which resumes classes today, that same decision rests with the principals of each school.