I survived


Eyewitness News profiles people who've survived the unbelievable. Read their stories here.

Evansville woman survived serial killer attack -  A simple nighttime walk turned into a nightmare for an Indiana college student. Years later, this "serial killer survivor" talks about the blessing that has come from making history in a horrific way that is nothing short of a miracle.

Shooting victim gives back after surviving burglar's bullet - An Indianapolis man lived to share a terrifying ordeal that could happen to any of us - coming home to find yourself face to face with a gunman.

Indiana man returns to skies after skydiving accident - All this week, we're sharing incredible stories of survival - people who beat the odds and lived to tell about it. One of those survivors is an elite skydiver from Indiana, who plunged 2,000 feet in free fall after his parachutes malfunctioned. It was all caught on camera.

Bloomington man survives crocodile attack in Guatemala - Bleeding on an operating table while doctors, who speak a foreign language you don't understand, put stitches in your head is no way to spend your dream vacation. For 30-year-old Chris Waggoner who found himself in that position three years ago in Guatemala, it was better than the alternative.

Teen survives Atlantic Ocean shark attack - Alex Stamm has never seen "Jaws." The 1975 film was made almost 20 years before he was born. Still, Alex is one of the few people his age that has an understanding that goes beyond Hollywood.

Fortville man survives ordeal on Lake Michigan island - Jim Stohler set off on a kayak trip from northern Michigan to North Fox Island, but the trip didn't go as planned. What started as a side trip during last summer's vacation became a story of survival.

New Castle woman survives Italy cruise ship disaster - A central Indiana woman is among the survivors of a major cruise ship disaster. The $500 million Costa Concordia capsized when it ran aground into rocks off Italy's Tuscan coast.