Husband of Amber Alert mom speaks

Jennifer Ansari and Sophia Snow
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A Fishers mother who fled central Indiana with her eight-year-old daughter amid a custody battle has been found safe, along with the child.

Jennifer Ansari faces charges for interfering with the custody of her daughter Sophia Snow. Louisville Metro Police say Ansari was cooperative when she was arrested Wednesday evening. Her daughter was found unharmed.

Fishers Police tell Eyewitness News this first started as a custody battle and snowballed into a safety concern. Police say they're weren't certain either of them are in danger, but they were certain Jennifer Ansari was on the run.

Earlier Wednesday, before Ansari was located by police, her husband begged her to bring Sophia home and turn herself in.

"I was sitting on couch watching TV. I heard a cry. I thought she must have gotten hurt. I heard Sophia cry. She said, 'I lost custody of Sophia' and grabbed a couple things of hers and took off, she just left," said Suhail Ansari.

Ansari said he hadn't talked to his wife Jennifer since Friday when she ran out of their Noblesville apartment.

"I wish I knew where she was. I'd like to talk to my own wife. I'd tell her just bring her back and we will figure this whole thing out," he said.

"According to the judge who issued this order, Sophia is in danger," said Officer Tom Weger, Fishers Police Department, speaking to Eyewitness News before mother and daughter were found safe. However, Kentucky State Police never issued an Amber Alert.

Eyewitness News tried to get a hold of that court order where Hamilton County Judge Paul Felix outlined his reasoning for taking primary custody away from Jennifer Ansari. That court document is not public record.

"The child is not in danger. Sophia is happy with her mother," insisted Suhail Ansari. "I don't care what police say. They don't live with us. I do."

Fishers Police know Jennifer Ansari made it to Louisville Tuesday in her 2012 burgundy Honda Civic with Sophia. Jennifer Ansari and Sophia visited Jennifer's parents in Kentucky.

Here's what they had to say about their daughter on the run.

"My biggest fear is my daughter is going to jail because she tried to protect her daughter, my granddaughter," said Raymond Wagner, Jennifer Ansari's father. "Saw my daughter and granddaughter yesterday. I told my daughter that I don't want to know where she was going because I don't want to tell police. "

"She's in a lot of quicksand. I told her mom come back here with the child and we will deal," said Ansari, who spoke to his mother-in-law.

When Ansari tried to call his wife Wednesday afternoon, it went straight to voicemail.