Hurricane Iselle hits Hawaii with Julio not far behind

The Hawaiian islands are dealing with back to back hurricanes. Iselle hit Hawaii as a tropical storm Thursday night, but it had enough force to knock down trees and knock out power. Now Hurricane Julio is on its way.

A hurricane warning is in effect on the Big Island because of wind gusts expected up to 85 miles per hour. Currently, winds accompanying Iselle are up to 70 miles per hour.

Up to twelve inches of rain are expected in some areas, which could cause life-threatening flash flooding and rock and mudslides as well.

There are already reports of 18,000 people without power in the city of Hilo because of downed power and transmission lines due to the storm.

Schools, transit, courts, state offices are closed for the day across all the islands. Many of the schools are doubling as emergency shelters and many residents are taking advantage. More than 1,200 on the Big Island alone said to be seeking refuge in shelters.

The sea swells are crashing into the shore everywhere. Countless boats along the seashore are threatened as well as neighborhoods that dot the shoreline.

Category 3 Hurricane Julio is 1,000 miles behind Iselle.
It's expected to weaken by Friday night. Top wind speeds right now are at 115 miles per hour.

Right now, it looks like Julio will move just to the north of Hawaii, but will still bring heavy rain and strong winds in the coming days.