Hundreds honor fallen officer at Decatur Central homecoming game

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A homecoming football game at Decatur Central High School became a footnote for a moment Friday night.

Hundreds of heads bowed and a crowd went silent to remember fallen IMPD Officer Rod Bradway.

"We take care of our own. We wrap our wings around each other," said Decatur Central High School Athletic Director Kelly McWilliams.

Bradway was one of Decatur's own. His family lives in the township. He officiated soccer games here and his children play in the marching band.

"We felt it was extremely important that we honor him tonight and for all that he did," said McWilliams.

The football team wore Bradway's initials on their helmets.

"We're trying to build young men and teach 'em what's important and the right thing to do in life," said football coach Justin Dixson.

How Officer Bradway lived and died is an example of that.

"It's not like the ones they read about in the comic books. He truly is a hero," said McWilliams.

Even families enjoying the game in the stands were reminded this week of how fragile life can be.

"We take for granted sometimes. Don't let moments pass you by, so to speak, 'cause you never know," said Jimmy Snow from Plainfield.

"He would want to leave a legacy and he has," added Kelly Snow.

Bradway's legacy was honored by the marching band during their half time performance.

Others showed respect with their wallets, donating money to help the family.

"When tragedy hits we want to be a family and homecoming stands for being a family and bringing all of our hawks home," said McWilliams.

The money collected for the Bradway Family will go to the FOP's family fund.