Hundreds bop to the top

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For 30 years, the money raised for The Bop To the Top race in Indianapolis race goes to Riley Hospital for Children.

There are firefighters, professional football players, and "ninjas" carrying the money they raised on their backs.

"We punish ourselves by carrying as much weight as we can in quarters," said Robert Riddle with Team Ninja. The team raised more than $3,000 and exchanged all the money in for coins to carry up the 36-flights of stairs.

And, then, there are Riley Kids themselves.

Nine-year-old Luke Andritsch beat leukemia, and has been cancer free for nearly two years. For Saturday's challenge, Luke wanted to bop faster than dad.

"I focus on how much time I am timing, and what floor I am on, " said Luke Andritsch.

Added his mother, Vicky, "We are so fortunate to have him here. A healthy 3rd grader climbing to the top, but know there are so many kids at Riley. We are doing this for them."

More than 50 members climbed the stairs for the race as part of Team Luke.

To give back to fellow Riley Kids, Luke Andritsch created Rhythm Packs with musical instruments to give to children at Riley Children's Hospital.

Last year's winner made the climb up 790-steps in less than three minutes and 40-seconds.