Humane Society seeks donations to treat sick puppies

 The Humane Society of Hamilton County is asking for donations to pay for the treatment of 19 puppies exposed to the Parvovirus.

The animals' owner surrendered 21 animals to Indianapolis Animal Care & Control. Two of the puppies have already died from the virus. Because IACC couldn't risk exposing other dogs to the virus, they reached out to the Hamilton County Humane Society to help. Noah's Animal Hospitals also stepped up to provide an emergency location to house some of the puppies.

The Humane Society is looking for donations to offset the high cost of treating the puppies for Parvovirus, and they're also looking for anyone who has experience caring for sick animals who can foster some of the dogs.

Three of the puppies have already become ill and are being treated for the virus.  

"It's very expensive to save the life of a puppy with Parvo, but we felt it was important to give these babies a chance," said Rebecca Stevens, executive director of the Hamilton County Humane Society. "We always help IACC whenever possible and typically pull those dogs who are seriously ill or injured-the ones most other rescues/shelters aren't willing, or able, to take." 

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Foster applications may also be submitted on their website or send inquiries to: