Humane Society investigating pets dropped off after hours

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The Humane Society of Indianapolis is hoping that surveillance video will help them find people who abandoned pets at its building on Michigan Road.

The animal care group took in the pets and released the pictures to try to find the people responsible for leaving them.

Around 8:30 p.m. Monday night, a GMC pick-up truck pulled up to the Humane Society building with a full-grown boxer mix in the back. The man driving gets out and walks to the door, then soon comes back and attaches the dog to a leash, leads it to a fence near the back door and ties it up.

The temperature outside Monday night fell to 18 degrees, but a staff member working overnight found the dog and brought it inside, possibly saving it's life.

The next night, a woman in a Jeep Liberty brought a cat in after hours. The Humane Society estimates that the cat was about 17 years old, left inside the shelter's intake doors inside a carrier.

The cat survived, too, but the Humane Society wants to point out that abandoning animals after hours like this is illegal anywhere in the city - not to mention dangerous for the animals.

If you are having trouble taking care of a pet, you can call the Humane Society of Indianapolis for help. If it comes down to it, the group doesn't charge to drop off an animal.