Human jawbone found in Garfield Park


Police are investigating a new mystery at Garfield Park where a visitor found a human bone. The expansive park is on the southeast side of the city not far from downtown Indianapolis.

Crime scene specialists spend all of Wednesday morning searching the banks and shallow water of Pleasant Run looking for more bones or any clues that could explain a human jaw bone discovered here.

All this went on while park visitors biked, walked, and jogged past them, enjoying a beautiful day in the park until they heard what happened.

Susan Gaw winced when she heard the news.

" It creeps me out. It definitely creeps me out," she said "I don't like people doing evil to other people."

A leisurely walk alongside the creek ended Tuesday night when Cassie Dear spotted the bone near the creek.

"It's a little creepy, but I wasn't too worried. I'm not worried about going back to the park," she said.

Garfield Park is used by countless families looking for an escape from inner city neighborhoods.

Dave Powell lives near the park. He stood on a bridge watching investigators search.

"A jawbone in this creek? That's weird," Powell said "All these questions about who it was, why did it happen. I hope they can find out who it was."

Investigators say the bone may have been unearthed during a recent rain storm and appears as if it was buried a long time ago.

Investigators didn't find any additional human bones or other evidence. The jaw bone, with some of the teeth still intact, is undergoing a forensic tests. Investigators should eventually have DNA, the victim's gender, approximate ages, and a good idea how long ago the bone was buried. They'll be studying clues to a modern mystery that could be more than a century and a half old.