Howe student suspended for fighting back during attack

A student recorded the attack.

In video you'll see only on Channel 13, students stalk a female classmate in the hallway, then a girl jumps her and begins punching her as other students nearby cheer.

Someone recorded the "student attack" on a cell phone and posted the video on YouTube, but who got punished in the fight may surprise you.

The victim spoke exclusively to WTHR about the fight Monday at Howe High School. It happened in the hallway between class periods.

In the video, a student clearly asks the attacker if she's ready to fight her target, 15-year-old Misti Hall-Waupoose. Misti was caught off guard.

"I hear someone say Misti and I almost turn around and I black out and someone having my hair throwing punches on me," she said.

During the brawl, other classmates are seen and heard cheering. A school police officer and a staff member pull the girls apart.

Misti says she served one day's suspension for fighting back.

"I was livid. I got mad all over again. I got a call at work saying your child was attacked," said Joyce Hall-Waupoose, Misti's mother.

The video horrifies Misti's mother, who believes this is a classic case of bullying.

"You can hear it in the video. 'Are you ready? Are you ready to go up behind her and grab her?'" she said.

Joyce Hall-Waupoose wants other parents to talk to their children about bullying, especially since her daughter says there are other students here at Howe who are bullied too.

"I'm that kid, you know, Don't get bullied by her, don't listen to them. You can hang out with us," said Misti.

"You have to say something to them. Don't bully other kids. Don't make fun of them," said her mother.

An IMPD detective is reviewing the video for possible criminal charges. We've also learned the student who recorded the fight may also be in trouble.

Howe Principal Keith Burke sent WTHR this statement:

"TC Howe High School will not tolerate violence and bullying in our school. We will examine all evidence and take appropriate disciplinary actions against all parties involved to the greatest extent to which we are allowed. Our primary concern is for the safety and security of our students and thankfully, this type of incident has become a rare event in our school. Due to privacy issues we are not able to comment on any specific students disciplinary actions."