How to save money on your water bills


All this week we have featured money saving tips to cut down on your monthly bills. So far, we have looked at your telephone, heating, and cable TV service. Today we are going to look at one bill that can consistently cost you, until you fix it. We are talking about your water bill.

We spoke to B&W Plumbing on the westside. They not only respond to everyday problems, but offer a complete line of replacement product that uses less water. There are even high end shower heads that cut usage by 20%, even one that offers built-in speaker that will wirelessly.

Beth Rovazzini of B&W Plumbing said the biggest money saver doesn't involve replacing your fixtures. She says one of the biggest drains on your monthly budget is something as simple as the water leaking through the rubber flapper in the tank. One way to find out if by pouring food coloring in the tank.

"Just put a little of it in there, in the tank and wait, three to five minutes, and if you have a really bad leak it will show up immediately," said Rovazzini .

A serious leak will waste around 200 gallons a day, and if you have more than one bathroom with the problem, that will really add up.

Among the options to cut your water bill is to check for leaks, like the flapper test.

You can also install low-flow toilets or fixtures, especially if you are in a home where those fixtures haven't been replaced in the last twenty years.

The other recommendation is to take a Navy shower. That is the nickname for jumping in, getting wet, turning off the water, and only turn it back on when you need to rinse.

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