How to find food kids will eat

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If you're like many parents, you may have a hard time getting kids to eat a healthy lunch. But there are some quick, easy and fun ideas you can try putting into your child's lunchbox.     

Decatur Township school nutritionist Katie Rogers went shopping for us, and found some sure-bets for the lunchbox. She says the key is to make it easy on yourself, while keeping it interesting for the kids. 

Here's her first example. She says bite-sized fruits and veggies are more appealing to kids than whole fruit. You can buy apple dippers or carrot shakedowns. Kids also love the squeeze-in-your-mouth applesauce.   

Other ideas, put some fresh fruit and cheese on a little skewer without a sharp tip. It's simple to eat and makes a good-looking snack.   

Dipping is fun for kids, too.  Pita chips and salsa are a healthy combination, or try individual packs of guacamole or hummus, whatever your child likes. Dips gives them a different way to eat their food.
For a drink other than milk a new product called Odwalla looks like a jukebox,  but it's a fruit smoothie. They come in different berry and citrus flavors.
A playful twist on bottled water for is called Wa-Taaaah. 

Instead of traditional sandwiches, you could try something miniature. You can top mini-whole wheat bagels with a favorite salad, meat or cheese. Wraps are also easy to make. Just cut them into bite-size chunks.

Rogers says kids "eat with their eyes," so the more appetizing food looks, the more likely they are to eat it. 

And she says you should bring your kids shopping with you, so they can help pick out healthy food they'll eat.