How to download your WTHR Weather Wall video!

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Thanks for visiting WTHR's 2014 Health & Fitness Expo! 

If you're looking for your WTHR Weather Wall video, you'll find it here.

When you visit the page, find the number associated with your Weather Wall video.

Once you find your number, you can view your video by clicking on the image.

In the lower right hand corner of the opened video, you will find three small dots.

Those dots will direct you to “more actions”. Click on “more actions” and you are taken to the download button on the right, or if you click on the paperclip image, you can share a link to your video without downloading the entire clip. While you can share your video, WTHR won’t store it forever so we encourage you to download the clip if you wish to save it.

It may take a few minutes for your video to download once you’ve selected that option. You can check the progress in the lower left side of your screen.

If you select the download option in the upper right of your screen before viewing the video, you also have the option to download to an existing Dropbox account you may have or you can download as a zip file.

Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, you can easily relocate the file within your downloaded content.

If you are using Windows, you can click on the Windows icon on your computer and select “downloads” to find the item you just downloaded.

All Weather Wall videos must be downloaded by May 5, 2014.