How to cut your cable TV expense


We're a little more than a month into the new year, and this is the time when the holiday bills come rolling in.  That, combined with the rising cost of household expenses, can put the squeeze on your budget.

So this morning, we begin a week-long series on ways to save money on your monthly expenses, like your cable TV, telephone, gas or water bill. We usually watch a lot of movies and a lot of sports in our household," she said, "with three boys including myself."But lately, the monthly bill has gone up about ten percent, "I'm probably paying about $15 to $20 more than I'd like to pay."  

When Cathy Costelle and her family sit down in front of the set, they enjoy the choices they get with AT&T U-verse. "

So Cathy has been looking into a less-expensive option. Using a website called, she entered the channels she wanted, and how many TV's she needs connected.

Billshrink displayed competing services and like cable TV and satellite providers. She's currently paying $114 a month for U-verse.  Billshrink found another provider, "And it would be $56 a month," she said. "I definitely think I would call AT&T and discuss this with them to see if they are willing to match this offer."

If that doesn't work for you, another way to save on monthly TV service is by downgrading your monthly plan. Try to eliminate additional channels that you don't watch or can do without.

Tuesday, we'll look at saving on your monthly phone bill.