Hovey St. suspects in court

Ronald Davis
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Indianapolis - The suspects in the Hovey street quadruple murder case appeared in court Wednesday under heavy security. The families of the victims packed the courtroom.

Also, prosecutors have added a fifth name to the list of suspects. They believe Tommy Warren, 24, helped plan a robbery at the Hovey Street house on January 14th. Someone killed Andrea Yarrell, her infant daughter Charlii, Gina Hunt and her young son Jordan as the women pleaded for their infants' lives. 

The judge continued the cases until Thursday to give prosecutors more time to finalize formal charges. Prosecutors won't say exactly what charges Warren will face. Prosecutors have until Thursday afternoon to file formal charges.

Marion County courtline deputies escorted the suspects under heavy security. All five men wore red inmate clothing indicating to deputies and correction officers that the men are high risk.

The initial hearings took longer than usual because Sheriff Frank Anderson ordered all five placed in separate holding cells throughout the City-County Building. They are in protective custody.

The courtroom had tight security as well. Every courtroom observer had to clear metal detectors outside the courtroom doors.

The men are accused in the shooting deaths of the two mothers and their babies. One of the victims' mothers talked about seeing the suspects in court.

"I can see their faces. I can see remorse on both sides in the courtroom, not just me, but everybody. Everyone's hurt. This is not just black on black crime. This is children and mothers that have been murdered," said Elizabeth Duncan, Gina Hunt's mother.

Duncan added, "This is children and mothers that's been murdered here. What can we do? We have to pray and come together. That's the only thing we have left."

Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi named Tommy Warren as the fifth suspect in connection with the Hovey Street murders Wednesday.

"Never in all my years of prosecuting have I ever seen babies that have been murdered lying in open caskets with their mothers," Brizzi said.

Three of those charged in connection with the attempted robbery and slayings have denied pulling the trigger.

Thirty-year-old Ronald Davis, one of the suspects, told reporters, "Jasper Frazier killed them people, not me." Frazier, 36, also faces charges in connection with the murders. Donte Hobson, 30, and Zarumin Coleman, 21, are also being charged. Coleman denied his role in the crime on his way to court Tuesday.

Hobson smiled at reporters and said, "I wasn't the shooter. I know that."

Tommy Warren seemed confused by the media's presence, saying, "What are you taking my picture for?"

Brizzi has not ruled out seeking the death penalty in this case. He has talked to the victims' families about that possibility.

"Is that going to solve anything? What is it going to solve? They have lives as well. I have always been against it. I have been on the fence about it. Maybe it's just me, but I just don't..." said Elizabeth Duncan regarding the death penalty.

Brizzi released the probable cause document Tuesday.