Houses, cars struck by vandals in Columbus

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Painting the town could lead to arrests in Columbus.

"Here's some of the red spots where the paint was. Some over here and that's eggshell," said Phillip Brauer.

The eggs and paint that his Brauer's car were part of an apparently random vandalism spree on the north and east side of Columbus over the weekend.

"It hit that window, it sounded like they were breaking the window out. It wasn't one, it was 'Bang! Bang! Bang! a bunch," Brauer said.

A few blocks away on 22nd Street, another bunch of houses had to be cleaned up.

"Around 2:30 in the morning, we thought that someone was banging on our windows," said one homeowner about the paintball shots.

Police tell neighbors they are putting on extra patrols. One officer was seen passing a house near the Columbus airport, where pieces shutters are knocked out by red paintballs that even penetrated the siding and wrecked a window.

"It's bad, because that back window is five feet from where my two-year old sleeps," said homeowner Clancy Doran.

He is counting his good fortune, but also counting how much all this will cost him.

"The siding, the shutters, I think I counted 17 shots," Doran said.

When he spotted the damage to his house, he jumped in his car and drove through the pre-dawn neighborhood checking on others, spotting another house with similar damage and ending at Joe's down the road.

"You can see the paint is all through here, they hit it here and hit it here," said Joe, showing his paint-stained car.

They got Joe's garage door, too. It's no joke, he says.

"We've got a lot of elderly, animals, children, they have two young ones over there," he said. "We're scared. It's not fun. You could get killed by a paintball they can break windows, break bones, they can put an eye out," Joe said.

And can cost a lot of money.

"I work for a living and I raise kids. This is going to cost me $1,000. My deductible is $1,000. Like a week-and-a-half pay for fixing a house not too much fun for me," he said.