House votes to derail Obamacare, fund government

John Boehner, Republican House Speaker
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The House has passed a temporary funding measure to keep the government running. The bill is coupled with a tea party-backed measure to block President Obama's new health care law.

The 230 -189 vote sets the stage for a confrontation with the Democratic-led Senate. The Senate promises to strip the "defund Obamacare" provision from the bill next week and will challenge the House to pass it as a straightforward funding bill that Obama will sign.

The White House promises Obama would veto the measure in the unlikely event it reaches him.

At issue is the need to pass a short-term funding bill to prevent a partial government shutdown when the budget year ends on Sept. 30. Washington's longstanding budget stalemate has derailed the annual appropriations bills required to fund federal agency operations. 

House Republicans celebrated their budget bill passage Friday and challenged the Senate to approve the legislation.

In comments after the vote, Republican leaders said their bill supports middle class families.

"Our message to the United State Senate is real simple. The American people don't want the government shut down and they don't want Obamacare," said John Boehner, Republican House Speaker.

"And now it is up to Senate Democrats to show some responsibility and follow the House's lead," said Representative Eric Cantor, Republican House Majority Leader.

"The House has acted to keep the government open, to control spending, and to protect people from an unworkable law that is making it harder on them. My colleagues have all voted in favor of this law because it's going to help moms and dads and families and young people and seniors all across this country, and that's who this is all about," said Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA).

Senate Democrats aren't likely to heed the House Republican's demands, however.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said any House bill defunding Affordable Care Act would be "dead" in his chamber.