House panel reviewing senior Indiana lawmaker

Turner did not attend the hearing Wednesday.
Indiana State Representative Eric Turner of Cicero was a no-show for his own ethics hearing over killing legislation that would have hurt his family's business.

Rep. Turner did submit written testimony to the committee in which he admitted to discussing the nursing home construction ban bill in caucus. Turner makes over $1 million on each new nursing home his company builds.

Turner also pointed out that he was open and honest about his financial interest, but felt his expertise would benefit the caucus, and he did not vote on the issue. The Ethics Committee met for around 30 minutes Wednesday before announcing it would not issue a final ruling or report until next week.

"Before he made his comments to the caucus; preceded those comments by advising the caucus of his interest in the nursing homes and advising them of his son's interest in the business. So he was very careful in the way he addressed the caucus," said Toby McClamroch, Turner's attorney.

"What goes on in caucus stays in caucus. As far as everything else he followed the rules," said Rep. Clyde Kersey (D-Terre Haute).

At the request of the speaker, the Ethics Committee will take a closer look at those rules - which were just implemented four months ago. The next meeting that will include the committee's ruling will take place Wednesday April 30th at 2:00 pm.