Hotel workers sue over shorted paychecks


Some hotel workers say their employers are cheating them out of money. Several Indianapolis hotels are named in a federal lawsuit along with a hotel staffing company.

Right now there are 14 plaintiffs named in the lawsuit. They held a short protest outside the staffing company, Hospitality Staffing Solutions, on Fort Wayne Ave. Monday morning.

The workers claim they were shorted on their paychecks for they worked at several Indianapolis hotels. One employee said she sometimes worked through her lunch hour and overtime, but her paycheck never reflect the right hours.

They're getting support from coworkers and community leaders. Because some of them only speak Spanish, a translator helped voice their concerns in English during the protest.

"Many of us are single mothers who need the check to support our families and so it's not fair that they are robbing us of the money that we need to support our families," said one of the protesters through translator Sarah Lyons.

"Some employees actually started taking notes of their own hours when they were realizing their checks were short. So there are sort of two separate claims, one, overtime that they were not paid; and when they actually worked and their checks did not have the amount of money in it," said Jeffrey Macey, plaintiff attorney.

There are some big name hotels listed in the lawsuit including the JW Marriott, The Conrad and the Hilton.

The lawsuit seeks compensation in lost wages for the past three years.