Hostage situation on Southwest side ends peacefully

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A hostage situation on the southwest side ended without incident just before 9 a.m. Sunday morning when a woman and child were released and a man was taken into custody. 


Gunshots woke up people in one typically quiet neighborhood Sunday morning.  That was just the beginning of what turned into a three-hour hostage situation and police stand-off.  

Eyewitness News was on the scene as it played out and neighbors feared the worst.

"Probably about seven or eight shots repetitively--sounded like probably a handgun," said John Hiatt, a neighbor.

"For something like this to happen with gunshots, a hostage situation, it's a very scary thing," said Tina Quassy, a neighbor.

Scary when one of the hostages inside is a seven-year-old little boy and the suspect  inside with him has a gun.  Neighbors wasted no time calling police at five Sunday morning as soon as the situation erupted. 

"When they arrived, they found some shell casings in the driveway and asked the people to come out of the house. The homeowner of the house came out," said Lt. Chris Bailey, IMPD.

According to police, the homeowner said the man with the gun was her son, Daniel Gourley, who's 32.  When Gourley, his girlfriend, who's also 32 and her seven-year-old son didn't come out of the house, the IMPD SWAT Team moved in.

"We've tried to make contact inside the house and no one is answering cell phones.  We're using PA and no one responding so we're treating it as a hostage situation at this point," said Lt. Bailey.

Three hours later, a response.

"The 7-year-old young man in the house opened the door, saw the SWAT robot outside the door, shut the door again and eventually the 7-year-old and suspect came out of the house," said Lt. Bailey.

Police carried the boy out to safety and brought Gourley out in handcuffs.  They handcuffed him to a lawn chair in the front yard while they searched the home.  Neighbors say they're not surprised by his actions.

"He sits out in the garage until all hours of the night watching everybody freaking some people out," said Donnie Pierce, a neighbor.

But, now Gourley is headed to jail facing charges of at least criminal recklessness as the neighborhood re-groups and regains some normalcy.

According to police, Daniel Gourley is going through a child custody battle with his ex-wife and may have been intoxicated before the standoff started.  Police recovered at least two guns from the home.